III International Conference Fertilizers of Ukraine
Truskavets, Ukraine, 30-31 May 2024

The year 2023 has proved anything but easier than the previous one for the fertilizer market. Some problems have been resolved though. So, shipments have been restored or new chains for fertilizer supplies to Ukraine have been created. Ukraine has started sourcing some fertilizer types from new trade partners. Domestic nitrogen fertilizer producers have managed to operate smoothly, and Sumykhimprom has even resumed the production of compound fertilizers. This has led to increasesd fertilizer consumption in H1 2023 compared with the corresponding period of 2022. However, new challenges have emerged for the country's agricultural sector and fertilizer suppliers. As a result of the aggressor's attacks on the Danube and Odesa ports, grain exports decreased. A ban on grain imports into the neighbouring European countries and difficulties with transit through them have exacerbated the situation. Thus, grain producers have reduced their regular purchases for the autumn 2023 and even the spring 2024 application seasons. Chem-Courier forecasts the fertilizer consumption to decrease in 2024. Nevertheless, the industry continues to operate, change and adapt to the new reality. We are pleased to invite you to the III International Conference on the Ukrainian fertiliser market and have an impact on the Ukrainian fertiliser industry future.